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Andrew Alati was an incredible young man from Long Island, New York; his smile lit up the room and his generous heart was even bigger.  Being in his presence made people feel that there was always someone on their side; Andrew never let anyone feel alone, left out, or forgotten. He especially loved his family. Andrew’s kindness and sense of humor brought people of all ages together. He was a natural leader who always stood up for what he felt was right.  Andrew lived life to the fullest. His true passion was baseball but he also enjoyed hockey, playing his musical instruments, dancing, drawing, listening to music, and traveling.


On June 30, 2019, Andrew was tragically taken from us in a fatal pedestrian crash, leaving those who knew and loved him with the beautiful memories of his special qualities.

Our family has been blessed with unwavering support from the community, school district, our parish, family, and friends when we needed it most. Our goal is to carry on Andrew’s honor and continue his legacy of compassion and helping those less fortunate through a variety of fundraising efforts and events. Every year, the Andrew Alati  Foundation will select a worthy charity whose mission is to alleviate a little of the stress and burden to families affected by unexpected, life-altering circumstances.  


In loving memory of Andrew, please support our mission to help others and donate to Andrew’s Memorial Fund.




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